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It's · winter · again

a white washed and frozen sky (c)

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I'm just so very tired of everything. There's one more week and I'm done, the holidays will probably save me.
But the thing that leaves me hopeless and desperate is that after New Year time will run even faster.
I don't really want to celebrate New Year's Eve with the people I'm planning to. Just two of them would do perfectly fine.
Can't wait for my parents to leave, I have such nice plans. Like listening to music all night long and singing out loud and dancing around the house with no one to care.
I feel a little breathless and my lungs hurt just a bit, but I'm going to be alright. 
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No idea why I haven't posted for such a long time, no one really cares, so it doesn't matter.
I just took a Speaking part of FCE exam, I know I failed one of the tasks. Why am I so  nervous all of the time? I should take some valerian (do they say it like that? russians do), for God's sake!
I also have a biology seminar at 4 pm today, I haven't prepared anything and I should be doing it now. But no! I'm writing a post for livejournal! Yay me!
I have a Writing/Listening/Reading part of FCE tomorrow, and a huge chemistry test. 
Oh my God, I suck at life so much! Why do I only write about studying stuff? Urgh
What can I say that's not connected to school? Oh!
Watched Pineapple Express this Friday, it rules my world now! James Franco is such a sweet junkie ^^
One more thing that rules my world - Scrubs! It's just so incredibly relaxing! I love everyone on that show.
I think my english today sucks more that usual.
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This stupid teacher made me cry on Friday. I don't do this very often, actually not at all, but just the way she talked to me made me feel humiliated. And I burst into tears right there, in the classroom, in front of everyone. I knew she never liked me. Well, now I hate her.
The huge amount of tests is coming up. I hate that too. On Monday it's Russian History of 19th century. It's gonna be huge and I'll fail.
I've become addicted to The Cab. Yeah that's kinda funny, how often I change my interests. But now Cabbabies is the only thing I can think about (:
I wish something interesting happened. Like, it turned out that I'm a wizard or something. That would be really cool. I kinda sound like I'm ten.
The Cab - That 70's Song
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There`s this super hot guy at my university courses and all I can do is stare at his back when he doesn`t notice. Because that's what I'm like. I don't know, maybe I'm having hallucinations, but sometimes it seems he looks my way too. Or maybe I'm just so desperate.
I'm feeling awful and ugly. Sometimes I just can't help it, I feel like I'm such a terrible person.

I miss Canada and the freedom I had there. 

Coldplay - 42
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Well, I guess the time has come to start posting here... Okay, I'm just bored.
I have some kind of journal on the other website, but it's all in russian and I kind of hate it, dunno why. So, I'll try here (also can assess my english skills)
Hmm, maybe I should introduce myself first. Or I shouldn't haha, maybe there are people here whom I know in real life. Yeah I wouldn't want that...
I'm extremely bored now, but tomorrow my holidays will be over and I'll have to go to school and to those stupid university courses. Hate that so much =_=
Well, I dunno! Should I like post something very smart or unique? Because I can't actually. The thing is... I suck at expressing myself (god, you should hear how I try to explain something... sounds kinda funny, but it's really depressing). I pretty much suck at everything I try,  haha.
I think I should shut the hell up now :P

Does my english sound too awkward or  disgusting? Some time ago I used to think that I don't suck at it...
the academy is... - toasted skin
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